Islamic Lie Detector Test:

September 29, 2008

Muslim: Book 001, Number 0176:
It is narrated on the authority of Usama b. Zaid that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) sent us in a raiding party. We raided Huraqat of Juhaina in the morning. I caught hold of a man and he said: There is no god but Allah, I attacked him with a spear. It once occurred to me and I talked about it to the Apostle (may peace be upon him). The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Did he profess” There is no god but Allah,” and even then you killed him? I said: Messenger of Allah, he made a profession of it out of the fear of the weapon. He (the Holy Prophet) observed: Did you tear his heart in order to find out whether it had professed or not? And he went on repeating it to me till I wished I had embraced Islam that day.
Sa’d said: By Allah, I would never kill any Muslim so long as a person with a heavy belly, i. e., Usama, would not kill. Upon this a person remarked: Did Allah not say this: And fight them until there is no more mischief and religion is wholly for Allah? Sa’d said: We fought so that there should be no mischief, but you and your companions wish to fight so that there should be mischief.

Mohammad sure knew how to tellif someone was lying – just pluck out their hearts. Amidst this revelation, the Islamic justice system has begun to pluck out the hearts of people in order to find out if they are telling the truth.

1) Why did Mohammad find it necessary to pluck one’s heart out in order to see if they were telling the truth?
a) Was intuition not enough, like Sa’d?
b) How about logic and reasoning skills? (This may be problematic, where Muslims, following Mohammad’s queue in outlwaing chess, may have outlawed any form of thought that involves reasoning abilities –
c) How about evidence?
d) How about from the person’s mouth rather than plucking out his heart to see the truth?

2) Did Allah’s Apostle find it more helpful to talk to inanimate objects like the belly of a dead animal to know the truth?

Tabari VI:66-67: “”We were sitting by an idol a month before the Messenger commenced his mission, having slaughtered camels. Suddenly we heard a voice calling from the belly of one: ‘Listen to the wonder; There will be no more eavesdropping to overhear inspiration; We throw down shooting stars for a prophet in Mecca; His name is Ahmad. His place of emigration is Yathri.’ We held back and marveled; then the Messenger began his mission.”

a) Did Allah’s Apostle find mammalian entrails to be more convincing than oral or written testimony?
b) Why dont more Muslim countries follow Mohammad’s example in adopting this new form of evidence?
c) After all, if the entrails of a dead animal are a full proof method of determining the truth for Mohammad, than it should be good enough for every believer?

3) On a side note, why does the hadith say “There is no god but Allah, I attacked him with a spear.” If Allah means God, than shouldn’t it be “there is no Allah but Allah?”
a) Or, someone with knowledge of classical Arabic can attest to, the Arabic word for God is “Illah” and Allah is the name of one of many gods who lived in the Kabba (Afterall, Mohammad’s father’s name was Abdallah [slave to Allah])
b) When asking the cleric/mullah/other expert, it is best to “tear his heart in order to find out whether it had professed or not”

4) Sa’d makes the point that some Muslims fight just to make mischief?
a) Does that apply today?
b) Did Sahih Muslim include this hadith to show that Muslims were fighting because of blood lust rather than removing mischief, and that ultimately, their fighting caused more mischief than it ended?
c) Does this mean that some Muslims should ACTUALLY start to act like Sa’d and question other Muslims who fight too much?
i) Maybe strapping one’s child to a bomb to blow themselves up may not be the answer to life’s problems?

5) Finally, at the beginning of this hadith, it sates that Mohammad sent his troops on a raiding party.
a) Raids are unprovoked stirkes.
b) Why would Allah’s Apostle raid another party?
c) Why did he want to cause mischief where non-existed?
d) Was Sa’d indirectly accusing the Prophet of causing mischief where none existed?
e) Where are Sa’d’s and Mohammad’s remains?
i) Maybe digging up their hearts will give us the answers we need in determining these questions, by using Mohammad’s bulletproof method of deciphering the truth


Mohammad the witch doctor?

September 17, 2008

Sahih Al-Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 65, Number 356:

Narrated Sad:
Allah’s Apostle said, “He who eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.”

1) Did Mohammad eat these seven ‘Ajwa dates when Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle so that he began to imagine that he had done something although he had not?

a) Did these magic spells only apply to sexual relations with his wife?
Bukhari: Volume 8, Book 73, Number 89:
Narrated ‘Aisha:
The Prophet continued for such-and-such period imagining that he has slept (had sexual relations) with his wives, and in fact he did not. One day he said, to me, “O ‘Aisha! Allah has instructed me regarding a matter about which I had asked Him. There came to me two men, one of them sat near my feet and the other near my head. The one near my feet, asked the one near my head (pointing at me), ‘What is wrong with this man? The latter replied, ‘He is under the effect of magic.’ ……

b) Or was it because Mohammad himself was Mohammad using magic spells as an excuse to about how he infact was impotent? “One day he said, to me, “O ‘Aisha! Allah has instructed me regarding a matter about which I had asked Him.” Bukhari: Volume 8, Book 73, Number 89
c) Why didnt the profit have any other children after Khadija, except for Ibrahim from his slave girl, Mary the Copt?

2) Do all Muslims eat seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning?
3) Why didn’t Mohammad eat 7 Ajwa dates as a cure for the magic curses Labad put on him?
4) How did Mohammad know about magic spells?
a) Did Mohammad dabble in the black arts?

Tabari VI:66
“A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘Show me the seal which is between your shoulders, and if you lie under any enchantment [a demonic curse or spell] I will cure you, for I am the best enchanter [a witch practicing black magic] of the Arabs.’ ‘Do you wish me to show you a sign.’ asked the Prophet. ‘Yes. Summon that cluster.’ So the Prophet looked at a cluster of dates hanging from a palm and summoned it, and began to snap his fingers until it stood before him. Then the man said, ‘Tell it to go back.’ and it went back. The enchanter said, ‘I have never seen a greater magician than I have seen today.'”
b) Does this mean that the enchanter was right to call Mohammad a magician, and the Meccans were also right when they called him a demon possessed sorcerer? (038.004 YUSUFALI: So they wonder that a Warner has come to them from among themselves! and the Unbelievers say, “This is a sorcerer telling lies! “
c) Maybe Mohammad was right about Ajwa dates – he himself is a good magician!

6) Could Mohammad also pull a rabbit out of his turban?
a) Was Mohammad the first person to entertain children at birthday parties with magic tricks?
b) Does this mean that clowns at magic shows are halal?
c) Does this mean that being a sorceror is a noble profession (like the noble Quran)?
d) Does this mean that Muslims should also start celebrating Halloween as a religious holiday in commemoration of Mohammad’s excellent wizardry?

Quran: The Paradox Within

September 16, 2008

By: Khalil Fariel

This is the Book (the quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon (pious) [Quran. Chapter 2 Verse 2]

Starting off with verses of Quran, I have a definite contention here that is challenging the authenticity of Quran as god’s uncorrupted book.

Quran being an almighty god’s book and nothing more or less than it is the common Muslim belief, so anything added in it from an outside source will be disproving its authenticity as god’s unalterable writ. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam; was getting revelations from his lord and what Quran about is the sum total of words he obtained through divine route.

Belief goes thus and my contention is against it. There are later additions in Quran that can not be attributed to Muhammad, who is said to have been at the receiving end of revelations. I will prove it from within the perimeters of Quran alone not sourcing anything extraneous.

Before embarking the topic, it is necessary to have a precise understanding of what made Quran we have today a possibility or reality. In absence of such awareness, it is going to be tough to grasp how the verses above and necessarily many other verses of Quran are way erroneous and self refuting. So, let us get into the making of Quran first in brief.

How does or how can one view Quran as of a liberal perspective? Theologically speaking, Quran is the holy book of Muslims to which they attribute divinity. It was not made or slowed down in a single night. As of the fundamental outlook of Muslims, Quran was revealed to Muhammad by god via Gabriel as revelations stage by stage. It took 23 or more years for god of Islam to complete the process of revealing his words. So to be succinct, I would say the context of Quran is the last 23 or more years of Muhammad’s life. It never was a book that one could or did write within a single night.

Moreover, there was not a Quran (as we have today) at the time of Islam’s prophet. Or it was not possible to codify alleged words of an “almighty” into one single book during the time of Muhammad for the reason god continued revealing verses after verses. Muslims argue, the words of god as they are revealed to the prophet had been written down at the same time of revelation in then available means. I am not going to either accept or refute this. Fact however is; a single copy of Quran was not available for reference during the time of prophet. The revelations were written down but they never had been unified into being a single book. That is why we see the first and last revealed verses are not sequenced in Quran. The book is an entirety of various verses amalgamated but chaotically. Thence, what we have today A to Z of Quran is a later totaling that did not have the consent of the man to whom the verses were said to have revealed.

Now, Just go through the verses of Quran I quoted to start this article. It is denotative of a paradox within the Quran: If Quran was not in existence (as we have now) during the time of Prophet Muhammad, how could it be possible for god to refer Quran as a book? These verses are not the sole self referral a reader will go through while examining this book. There are a lot more to add to this and quite interestingly, these statements frilled with challenges are also considered to be god’s words. See such a challenge below:

Say: “If the mankind and the djinns were together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another.” [Quran: Chapter 17 Verse: 88]

God challenges humankind (and djinns) to produce a Quran. I stress on the word Quran because god is demanding a discomfiting task. If these verses were the last words of god to his beloved prophet, then the claim will have been a little pertinent though not entirely appropriate. According to Mufassirs (Quran interpreters) the last revelation Muhammad had from god is not the above verses, connoting god’s challenge is nonsensical. He should not have made such a challenge until he dispatched his last revelation, or should have waited for his words to get lodged into a single book. And again, this challenge should have been an addendum of Quran not a part of it.

So, my contention is these self referrals and challenges find in Quran are obviously later additions to Quran made by the compilers of it. If I am wrong here, that only results in more reasons to believe Allah was being foolhardy to discharge such and such in quite unbefitting junctures.

Now, for the purpose of reinforcing my contention, I will bring out the verse I quoted earlier again here to scrutinize so a conclusion will be made possible.

We see as early as in the second chapter of Quran:

This is the Book (the quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon (pious) [Chapter 2 Verse 2]

Focus on the verses: what is this book referred here by god? Over again, these verses are not the closing remarks of Quran. They have been revealed to Muhammad much earlier and even after obtaining them from his god, Muhammad got blessed with many more revelations. Yet god speaks of a book that is undoubtedly the guidance for pious believers. Which book? There has not been a book yet, but only fragments that are waiting to get accumulated into one..!

There is more to follow:

When I first issued this in FFI forum, it led to heated debates. Arguments against the contention have been: in verses 2:2 God is not referring a book rather it is of what he managed to reveal till then. Hardly has it held water, because verses 2:2 mention a book that serves as guidance to the whole of pious faithful. If God only managed to reveal few but not all at that time, those readily available will seldom serve as true guidance to the pious, because Quran as a whole is what makes absolute guidance, not few of it. To make the guidance for the whole of pious believers, god should reveal the whole of what he wants to reveal, but this particular declaration of Quran’s dignified status comes much earlier. There is no good reason to believe god was just pointing to few verses that he revealed. God had more to say, and he did say more after revealing those verses.

After all, Allah- the god of Muslims is definitely entitled to proclaim of his work but not before the work is done. If he needs such a long time (23 years) to finish off his work, he can not pop up in the middle with bizarre claims and challenges regarding to it. Let the work be done then discharge whatever he wants to acclaim, but god did not follow this logical route. Instead he went for the erroneous alternative to be too premature to release claims on something that has yet to be finished.

How apposite it could be for god to act so prematurely? He is dispatching his revelations to a seventh century Arab in stages and as early in a stage he releases statements as his own on the very work under process; insisting they are too considered to be the part of his divine writ..!

Is it because Allah is irrationally petulant?

In conclusion: The verses find in Quran referring to itself as Quran or divine writ are not the words god revealed to Muhammad who was at the receiving end. Again, the challenge of “to produce a Quran similar to Quran” too should be considered as not exactly god’s own. Quran itself or the “making of Quran in stages as it is stated in it” is very much evidentiary to this conclusion.

Nationalism—A Concept Alien to Islam

September 16, 2008

By U. Mahesh Prabhu

As an egalitarian nation, India has the constitutional obligation to guard the religious liberties of every citizen. Hence, recently, when Mohammad Zubair, a corporal with the Indian Air Force, was ordered to shave off his beard to maintain uniformity, he took no time in moving the country’s judicial system. ‘A true Muslim must keep his beard’, contended Zubair’s attorney, stating that it was an essential part of his faith as per the ‘Hadith’ and ‘Sunna’ (recorded customs). ‘We have the constitutional right to belief and practice of religion,’ he said, seeking protection of his ‘right’ to grow a beard.

But is growing a beard really mandatory in Islam? Yes, the Prophet has said, as reported by Abdullah-ibn-Umar, ‘Act against the polytheist, trim closely the moustache and grow your beard’. Thus, following these directives of the Prophet, Zubair is following his faith. But didn’t the Prophet, in the same statement, also say ‘act against the polytheist…’? Then, if promoted through the ranks, would Zubair not work against the ‘polytheist’ Hindus? Would he not follow the directives of his Prophet then also and seek to kill his ‘polytheist’ countrymen?

For years now, Muslim scholars, intellectuals, and journalists, have complained of ‘deprivation’ and the ‘lack of special privileges’. They have presented in a very viable way as to what it is that they lack. But have they ever spoken gratefully of the privileges they have received? Not that I can remember of!

What people don’t know is that in the righteous context, Islam is totally opposed to the idea of Nation. Nationalism as a concept is absolutely alien to Islam, because it (nationalism) calls for unity based on family and tribalistic ties, whereas Islam binds people together on ‘aqeedah’ (belief in Allah and His last messenger). Islam seeks ideological bonds.

Abu Dawood narrates that the Prophet said, ‘He is not one of us who calls for ‘assabiyyah’ (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for ‘assabiyyah’ or who dies for ‘assabiyyah’. In another Hadith, the Prophet is found stating, ‘Leave it (nationalism, racism, and patriotism), it is rotten.’ [Muslim and Bukhari] and in the Hadith recorded in Mishkat al-Masabith, the Prophet is found saying ‘Undoubtedly, Allah has removed from you the pride of arrogance of the age of ‘Jahilliyah’ (ignorance) and the glorification of ancestors. Now people are of two kinds-either believers who are aware, or transgressors who do wrong. You are all the children of Adam, and Adam was made of clay. People should give up their pride in nations because that is a coal from the coals of hellfire. If they do not give this up, Allah will consider them lower than the lowly worm which pushes itself through ‘Khara’ (dung).’ [Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi]

There are many examples in the ‘Seerah’, where the messenger of Allah rebukes those who upheld nationalism. On one occasion, a party of Jews conspired to bring about disunity in the ranks of the Muslims after seeing the ‘Aus’ and ‘Khazraj’, within Islam. A youth was sent to incite remembrance of the battle of ‘Bu’ath’ where the Aus had been victorious over the Khazraj, and he recited poetry to bring about differences between them. As a result, there was a call to arms.

When the news reached the Prophet, he is said to have exclaimed, ‘O Muslims, remember Allah, remember Allah. Will you act as pagans while I am present with you after Allah has guided you to Islam, and honored you thereby and made a clean break with paganism; delivered you thereby from disbelief; and made you friends thereby?’

Not only does Islam forbid people from grouping on nationalistic ties, but it also prohibits the establishment of more than one state, irrespective of whether these states are based on nationalism or otherwise. The only state that is allowed for Muslims is the Islamic State, one which is governed exclusively by Islam.

Given this, it is clear that Islam is completely against any nation, and this includes Indian nationalism.

The essential question, that which baffles my mind is: would not tomorrow those ‘devout’ Muslims claim, as their constitutional right, to abstain from their nationalist commitments on the ground that Islam directs them to be so? What would be the stand of our Judiciary then?

Author is Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London (UK).

Mohammad's followers drinking and smearing his ablution water…

September 15, 2008

Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 187:
Narrated Abu Juhaifa:
Allah’s Apostle came to us at noon and water for ablution was brought to him. After he had performed ablution, the remaining water was taken by the people and they started smearing their bodies with it (as a blessed thing). The Prophet offered two Rakat of the Zuhr prayer and then two Rakat of the ‘Asr prayer while an ‘Anza (spear-headed stick) was there (as a Sutra) in front of him. Abu Musa said: The Prophet asked for a tumbler containing water and washed both his hands and face in it and then threw a mouthful of water in the tumbler and said to both of us (Abu Musa and Bilal), “Drink from the tumbler and pour some of its water on your faces and chests.”

Ablution is the removal of any sexual residue, blood or excrement on a person. Here we see Mohammad’s followers rubbing themselves with that water as a blessed thing, and Mohammad, who after washing his hands, and rinsing his mouth, asking his followers to drink from it. We also know that Mohammad had many semen stains, and would have to continually wash himself of those stains…

1) Why would his followers think of smearing their bodies with his leftover ablution water find it heavenly?
a) Did they think it was a blessing?
b) How could they be blessed by his cleaned up semen stains?
c) Did Allah find Mohammad’s cleaned semen or blood stains to be a blessing?
d) Should all Muslims start smearing themselves in the ablution water of Mohammad’s direct descendants (syeeds) in order to be like their ancestors smearing their bodies with Mohammad’s remaining ablution water and regurgitated rinsing water?
e) Were his followers that fanatical that they would do anything for Mohammad, including blowing themselves up for a chance at paradise to drink from the rivers of wine (which are illegal on earth but not haram in heaven)
i) Think about it, why are the very same vices that would take you to hell allowed in heaven? Is this an allegory of Mohammad that maybe his heaven is really a hell?

2) Why did Mohammad order his companions to drink his regurgitated water?
a) Did he think he was being prophet-like in ordering his followers to drink up the remainder of what they cleaned themselves with?
b) Did he think like he was being like other prophets?
i) For instance, Jesus washed the feet of others. John 13:1-20. The point was that Jesus was to serve his followers. Here Mohammad, who claims to be like all other prophets before him, does the complete opposite by forcing his followers to swallow what he spit out.
ii) Or, was it because he thought this was his version of the Last Supper, where Jesus broke bread in an allegorical way saying it is his body? Matthew 26: 17-46 (NOTE – Jesus did not actually have people eat his body, or drink the remnants of what he washed himself with, but broke bread as a symbolism that his blood was being spilt when he died on the cross for the sins of mankind) (whether you believe this or not is irrlevant, take the point that he did NOT make his followers actually eat drink his blood, eat his body, or drink and smear his ablution water)
iii) No, because the point of all Muslims was to be a slave to Mohammad, and obey all that he said no matter the consequences of wreaking havoc on others.

3) What next?
a) Mohammad proscribing cures of Camel Urine and flies?
b) Oh wait, he already did that:

So many mistakes in JUST one verse of Quran !

September 13, 2008

Islam Analyzed

In Surah(Chapter) 16:15 and 31:10 of the Quran, it has the phrase :

Wa ‘Alqá Fī Al-‘Arđi Rawāsiya ‘An Tamīda Bikum which means


ALQA(Drop Anchor, throw something FROM ABOVE, drop something FROM ABOVE, throw anchor FROM ABOVE)



Ardi(Earth)( Ard means Earth in Arabic, sometimes the Quran pronounce it as Arda)

Rawasiya(Firm Mountains/Firm Peg/Supports/Nails)


Tamida(Support/Affirm/Prevent from Shaking)

BiKum(with you)

In this phrase, Muhammad says that Allah(a.k.a Muhammad) DROP DOWN FROM ABOVE, Mountains as Firm Pegs, Firm Supports, Nails, to
Support, Affirm, Hold the Earth and Prevent it from Shaking.

Mistake 1
The word ALQA means Drop Anchors, throw something FROM ABOVE, drop something FROM ABOVE, throw anchor FROM ABOVE.

This word is commonly used when a ship is near a port and the sailors will ALQA(Drop Anchors from above) in order to hold the ship in place and keep it from floating or sailing away.

So in Surah 16:15 & 31:10, Muhammad says that allah DROP DOWN, THROW DOWN FROM ABOVE , Mountains, as Firm Pegs/Firm Supports/Nails) on the Earth.


This is a BIG scientific mistake in the Quran.

So far, NO muslim translator of the Quran, has dared to accurately translate this word and this phrase. Because they know in their heart that if they do, people can clearly see one BIG scientific mistake in the Quran.

One Question to ask ANY muslim :

The word ALQA, in Surah 16:15 & 31:10, means Drop Anchors, Drop Anchors FROM ABOVE, throw something FROM ABOVE, drop something FROM ABOVE, throw anchor FROM ABOVE.

Yes or No ??!

If Yes, then clearly this is a BIG scientific mistake in the Quran !


If No, then the muslim is very clearly LYING !

Check any Arabic dictionary and they will all tell you very clearly that ALQA means Drop Anchors, Drop Anchors FROM ABOVE, throw something FROM ABOVE, drop something FROM ABOVE, throw anchor FROM ABOVE.

And if muslims can dare lie so blatantly, it really proves that muslims are very dishonest, very despicable and like to tell lies very much. As such, whatever and everything they say about their religon cannot be trusted or believed at all !

Ask ANY muslim this one simple queston, be it even the most despicable and cunning muslim apologists like Osama Abdallah & Zakir Naik,

The word ALQA, in Surah 16:15 & 31:10, means Drop Anchors, Drop Anchors FROM ABOVE, throw something FROM ABOVE, drop something FROM ABOVE, throw anchor FROM ABOVE.

Yes or No ??! JUST answer YES or NO ! Don’t waste time and try to give some rubbish, nonsensical interpretations and reinterpretations and beat about the bush. JUST answer YES or NO !

I dare ANY muslim answer this question !

Mistake 2

In Arabic, the word for MOUNTAINS is JIBAL(JABAL in plural) or RAWAASIYA.

RAWAASIYA is a synonym of JABAL. And in terms of meaning, RAWAASIYA is sometimes taken to be bigger than JABAL. That explains the meaning FIRM MOUNTAINS .

It is perfectly acceptable in Arabic to refer to something by referring to its function, like saying: ‘this is my office’ to refer to a laptop. This kind of expression is meant to put some emphasis on the function. In the case of the laptop you emphasise that your laptop to you is like your office. By using the word RAWASIYA, the Quran emphasises the functions of the mountains as anchors. It did so nine times and still modern Muslims do not seem to get it!

RAWAASIYA is also a plural of RASIYA, which means Anchors. In other words, the Quran states that the earth is established on four anchors or else the earth will be shaking and quaking. The ignorance is obvious in that the Quran declares that the earth is flat. Even to this day some Muslim scholars in Saudi Arabia preach that the earth is flat.

How can mountains be called Rawasiya(Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Suuports/Nails) when mountains are themselves TOTALLY UNSTABLE and constantly subject and vulnerable to Earthquakes and Tremors and Aftershocks and Plate Movements ?????!!!

In fact, mountains are as weak as TISSUE PAPER !

Whoever says that mountains are Rawasiya(Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Supports) is really a complete idiot !

Muhammad erroneously described mountains as Rawasiya(Firm pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Supports) and this clearly indicate what a completely poor and wrong knowledge of science Muhammad had.

Mountains are NOT Rawasiya as what Muhammad erroneously say, but the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Rawasiya, then if some idiots still want to say that mountains help to “stabilise the rotation of the Earth”, then simple logic and common sense tells us that planet Earth should be shaking violently and out of control all the time !

This is illogical and absurd ! And this contradicts facts and science !

How can mountains be called Rawasiya(Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains) when mountains are themselves TOTALLY UNSTABLE and constantly subject and vulnerable to Earthquakes and Tremors and Aftershocks and Plate Movements ?????!!!

In fact, mountains are as weak as TISSUE PAPER !

Whoever says that mountains are Rawasiya(Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains) is really a complete idiot !

How can mountains Tamida(Support/Affirm/Prevent Shaking) the Earth when mountains are themselves TOTALLY UNSTABLE and constantly subject and vulnerable to Earthquakes and Tremors and Aftershocks and Plate Movements and mountains are as weak as TISSUE PAPER ????!!!

Even an idiot will not build a house or a building on tissue paper !

Allah(a.k.a. Muhammad) must be worse than an idiot if he calls tissue paper RAWASIYA(Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Supports) !

Mistake 3
Mountains (Support/Affirms/Holds the Earth) and prevent it from Shaking or Quaking.

Tamida is a verb meaning Affirm or Strengthen or Support or Prevent from Shaking(in the context of 16;15). Overall meaning, Allah created the mountains as a form to strengthen the earth, or else you will experience many quakes on earth.

Also, the word Tamida is much more of an explantion of a swaying tree or building. Therefore it indirectly gives the meaning of IT WILL SHAKE. So the Quran declares fictitiously that Allah has placed four anchors, which are actually mountains, to keep the Earth from swaying. Of course, this indicate very forcefully that Muhammad thought the Earth is flat.

In order to further understand what Muhammad was saying; in the 7th century AD, the Arabian Peninsula was and still is a desert with few mountains. Arabs thought that the earth was flat and floating on the sea. What stops it from sliding away are the anchors (same as on a ship). Muhammad reiterated the thought of the Arabs that the mountains are anchors for the earth. Picture a flattened pizza doe with tooth pick inserted in to stop it from moving. Muhammed said that Allah has flattened the earth and he uses the same analogy as when you flatten a dough (flour).

For a complete exposition of the scientific MISTAKE in Surah 16:15, let us get a few things clear.

Mountains do NOT support the Earth ! To say that mountains support the Earth is a complete mistake and absurdity of science and logic and facts !

Many ancient men had very primitve, erroneous and absurd knowledge of science and astronomy so when they saw mountains, they believed that mountains are very big, strong, steady, immovable objects that help to support the Earth. Muhammad was no exception.

But the truth is mountains are totally unstable and vulnerable objects that are very susceptible and vulnerable to Earthquakes. And in fact, many mountains are themselves often formed by Earthquakes.

And mountains are themselves constantly subject to the plate movements of the Earth. Mountains are totally unstable and constantly subject and constantly vulnearable to Earthquakes and the plate movements of the Earth. Also, mountains are constantly subject to tremors and aftershocks.

Not surprisingly though, you CANNOT find a single verse in the Quran that say such things. Because Muhammad never knew such things.

Challenge ANY muslim to find any one verse, JUST one verse in the Quran that says, ZILZAL(Eathquakes) KHULIQ(Create) JABAL(Mountains) ??


Mountains do NOT prevent Earthquakes and do NOT help prevent Earthquakes. In fact, Earthquakes happen more often in mountainous places than flat places. Examples of mountainous places where Earthquakes often happen are Turkey , Iran , Peru , Japan , Taiwan etc.

Mountainous places such as Japan, Taiwan, parts of China, parts of Philippines, California, Iran, Turkey etc. , not only often experience earthquakes, they are also constantly subject to tremors and aftershocks.

Mountains do NOT help balance or stabilize the rotation of the Earth ! This is a complete mistake and absurdity of science and logic ! Only total complete idiots will say such things ! However, it is extremely appalling to find muslim websites that have the audacity to say such ridiculous absurd things ! It clearly shows that their pathetic efforts to save their extremely flawed and erroneous Quran only makes it even more flawed and erroneous.

And what is even more appalling and idiotic is that there are actually non-muslims who are stupid enough to say such stupid ridiculous things also. They really should go back to kindergarten !

If, as what some supposedly normal intelligent people who unfortunately choose to act and think and behave like idiots, say, that mountains help to “stablilise the rotation of the Earth, then first of all, simple logic and common sense tells us that whenever Tremors or Plate Movements or Earthquakes happen on planet Earth, especially in mountainous places, which in fact are happening all the time, many Rawasiya are being destroyed and without many of these Rawasiya, the rotation of the Earth is naturally badly affected and so the entire planet Earth should be shaking violently !

This is illogical and absurd ! And this totally contradicts facts and science !



ONE FINAL NOTE – Quran says Earth is FLAT.

With regards to Surah 79:30, I am sick and tired of dishonest cunning muslim apologists deceiving people with the really stupid dirty lie that this verse talks about Earth being egg-shaped.

Let’s put an end to their filthy stupid nonsensical lie once and for all.

And let’s expose the truth that the Quran in fact clearly says that the Earth is FLAT and it repeatedly says so in the Quran.

Surah 79:30 says

Wa Al-Arda bada dhalika DaHaaHaa which means

And the Earth after that He(Allah) Spread out like a Carpet and FLATTEN it.

Wa(And) AL(The) Arda(Earth) bada dhalika(after that he(allah)) DAHAAHAA (Spread out like a carpet and Flatten)

With regards to Surah 79:30, ” Dahaahaa ” does NOT mean ” shape like an egg “.

DAHAAHAA totally does NOT mean “Shape like an egg” !

The word DAHAAHAA has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with “Egg” at all !

What DAHAAHAA means is completely and totally different from “Egg” or “Egg-Shape” ! There is NO “Egg” at all in the meaning of DAHAAHAA. DAHAAHAA means “Spread Out like a Carpet and Flatten”. In fact, DAHAAHAA strongly denotes the meaning of FLAT. And DAHAAHAA is a very good and strong word to use to denote the meaning of FLAT.

It is extremely appalling and extremely shocking and totally disgusting that some dishonest muslim apologists actually have the audacity and utter shame to dishonestly cheat non-Arabic speakers to such an extent ! Shame on them !

DAHAAHAA means “Spread out like a Carpet and Flatten” !

And this is actually a major scientific mistake in the Quran.

The Arabic word for egg is ” Baidah ” and NOT ” Dahiyah ” . The Arabic word for EGG is BAIDAH. And any word in Arabic for any egg and any word in Arabic for egg-shaped MUST have the word BAIDAH in it !


Surah 79:30 clearly does NOT say that. In fact, what it says is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from “Egg” or “Egg-Shape”.

The word DAHAA in DAHAAHAA means Spread Out/Level/Flatten. It is the synonym of BASATA which also means Spread Out/Level/Flatten.

And DAHAAHAA is the synonym of the word BASATAHA(FLATTEN)

DAHAAHAA means “Spread Out like a Carpet and Flatten”.

Go and check AL-MUNJID or any well-respected Arabic dictionary and they will all tell you the same things.

There is NO such Arabic word as ” Dahiyah “. ” “Dahaahaa ” actually means ” FLATTEN “. And the concise meaning of “Dahaahaa” is “Spread out like a carpet and Flattened”. This points to a clear scientific error in the Quran.

So if concisely translated, Surah 79:30 should read as “And the Earth after that He(Allah) Spread out like a carpet and Flattened it.”

If Surah 79:30 HAD wanted to talk about the earth being shaped like an egg, it would have used the word BAIDAHWIYAH(egg-shaped).

And if Surah 79:30 wanted to say that allah shaped the Earth like an egg or allah made the Earth egg-shaped, it would say

Wa(And) AL(The) Arda(Earth) bada dhalika(after that he(allah)) BAIDAHWIYAH(Egg-Shaped, Shaped like an Egg)

But Surah 79:30 does NOT say that !

The Arabic word for Ostrich is NA’AHMAH. And the word for Ostrich Egg is BAIDAH NA’AHMAH.

And if Surah 79:30 wanted to say that allah shaped the Earth like an ostrich egg or allah made the Earth ostrich egg-shaped, it would say

Wa(And) AL(The) Arda(Earth) bada dhalika(After that He(allah)) NA’AHMAH(Ostrich) BAIDAWIYAH(Egg-Shaped).

But Surah 79:30 does NOT say that !

Surah 79:30 has COMPLETELY NOTHING to do with EGG at all.

Surah 79:30 says allah made the Earth Spread out like a Carpet and Flattened. And this is a major scientific mistake in the Quran.

DAHAAHAA means “Spread out like a Carpet”.

And ” Dahaahaa ” also means ” FLATTEN “.

“ Dahaahaa “ is a synonym of the word “ SAWWAAHAA ( STRAIGHTEN ) “ OR “ BASATAHAA ( FLATTEN ) “.

The concise meaning of DAHAAHAA is this : The word DAHAA in DAHAAHAA means Spread out/Level/Flatten, and DAHAAHAA is a synonym of the word BASATAHA(Flatten).


Surah 79:30 does NOT say BAIDAHWIYAH(egg-shape).

Surah 79:30 says DAHAAHAA(spread out(like a carpet) and Flatten).

Those muslim apologists who are deceitful and dishonest enough to deceive and lie to people with the big fat lie that Surah 79:30 says “egg-shaped”, when it actually does not and it actually says FLATTEN instead, really deserve to be shot to death and condemned to HELL and be tormented there forever !

The word “Dahiyah” is a word that comes from one of the NON-Arab tribes of North Africa . It is definitely NOT an Arabic word and NOT a word that comes from the Arabian Peninsula or Muhammad’s tribe.

Some muslim apologists try to say that the word DAHAAHAA can be derived from DUHIYA which in turn can be derived from these words, “Al-udhy, Al-idhy, Al-udhiyya, Al-idhiyya, Al-udhuwwa”.

First of all, DUHIYA is NOT a root word. So DAHAAHAA cannot be derived from it at all.

Check AL-MUNJID or LISAN AL-ARAB or any well-recognized Arabic dictionary and they will all tell you that “Al-udhy, Al-idhy, Al-udhiyya, Al-idhiyya, Al-udhuwwa” means the PLACE in sand where on ostrich lays its eggs or The place that an ostrich FLATTENS to lay her egg.

The emphasis is not on any egg at all but on Flattening.

Due to the fact that the word conveys the meaning of “spreading, leveling, flattening, and smoothing out”, the Arabs named the place where an ostrich incubates and hatches its egg an “udhiyy”. This is a hollow pit in the ground around 30 to 60 centimeters deep. The Arabic word for this shallow depression is derived from the triliteral root d-h-w – the same etymological root as the verb dahâ. The reason for this is that the ostrich spreads out and flattens this area with its legs before laying its egg in it. The ostrich uses neither a nest nor a burrow for its eggs.

From this, we must understand that the word is not used for the egg itself but rather for the flattened depression where the ostrich deposits its egg.

And so, ALL the possible meanings of DAHAA and DAHAAHAA are as follows :


Surah 79:30 says clearly that the Earth is FLAT.

The earth is flat because the Quran says so using all the words in the Arabic vocabulary which can possibly mean flat.. Let us review the following words used by the Quran to describe the flatness of the earth’s surface:

1. Sutehat: If you want to describe something as flat in Arabic then there is no better way than using this word. Sateh means flat, sutehat means flattened out.
Q. 88:20 Nor even how the earth has been (sutehat) flattened out?

2. Bisata: also means flat. The Arabic word bisata means a flat sheet or a carpet.
Q. 71: 19 And God has laid the earth for you as a (bisata) carpet

3. Madda: means stretched out until the object becomes flat, like what happens when you take a ball of dough and stretch it until it becomes flat.

Q. 13:3 And He it is who hath (Madda) outstretched the earth, and placed on it the firm mountains

Q. 15:19 And the earth have WE (Madadnaha, from madda) spread out

Q. 50:6-7 What, have they not beheld heaven above them, how we have built it, and decked it out fair, and it has no cracks? And the earth — We (Madadnaha) stretched it forth…

4. Firasha: means a mattress,‘ as flat as a mattress’.
Q. 2:22 Who made the earth a (Firasha) bed for you, and the heaven a roof
Q. 51:48 And the earth we (Farashnaha, from firasha) have spread out, and how excellently do we spread it out!

5. Mahada: means a bed, which is flat. In Arabic you can describe something flat by comparing it to a bed.

Q. 20:53 .. the One who has laid out the earth as a (Mahdan) carpet for you
Q. 43:10 …has made for you the earth (Mahdan) like a carpet spread out
Q. 78:6 Have We not made the earth as a (Mihada) bed, And the mountains as pegs

6. Tahaha: means flattened.
Q. 91:5-6 By the heaven and that which built it and by the earth and that which (Tahaha) extended it!

7. Dahaha: means flat. Etc..Etc..

In Sura 15:19 (Al-Hajar), we read: “wal’arda madadnaha wa’alkayna feeha rawasi”.
The word “madadnaha” is from the verb “madda”, which is a very simple and easy word to understand. Not even a little Arabic child would use this word to describe the shape of a watermelon or a ball. It is the most simple way to describe something flat.

The Quran is full of junk science !

The word for ROUND in Arabic is DAWRAH and it is the same word for ROTATE. And DAWRAH is the root word for all words in Arabic that mean ROUND, like DAWWAR(Turning), YUDAWWIRU(Round), MUSTADEER(Round), DAWWARAN(Rotation, Turning).

These are the words for ROUND or ROTATE in Arabic.

Round : DAWRAH(round;circuit, rotate), MUSTADEER(round), HAWLA(round), MUDAWWAR(rounded), YUDAWWIRU(round)

DAWRAH AL-FALAK(Revolution of celstial bodies)

(Falak means MOVE in Arabic)

DAWWAR(Turning, Rotating)

DAWWARAN(Rotation, circling)



You will NEVER find any of these words in the Quran.

And you will NEVER find a single verse in the Quran with the word Arda(Earth) together with any of the above words. Because Muhammad NEVER knew that the Earth is round. On the contrary, Muhammad believed very strongly that the Earth is FLAT. Muhammad says that the Earth is Spread Out like a Carpet and Flatten and he continuously and repeatedly says so in the Quran.

And you will NEVER find the words Arda(Earth) and Falak(Move) together in the Quran.

Muhammad is an ancient man with very erroneous knowledge of science, medicine and astronomy. That is why you find mistakes of science, medicine and astronomy all over the Quran.

The Quran is full of junk science !

Satan reciting Quran surahs?

September 13, 2008

Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 530:
Narrated Abu Mas’ud:
The Prophet said, “If somebody recited the last two Verses of Surat Al-Baqara at night, that will be sufficient for him.”
Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah ‘s Apostle ordered me to guard the Zakat revenue of Ramadan. Then somebody came to me and started stealing of the foodstuff. I caught him and said, “I will take you to Allah’s Apostle!” Then Abu Huraira described the whole narration and said:) That person said (to me), “(Please don’t take me to Allah’s Apostle and I will tell you a few words by which Allah will benefit you.) When you go to your bed, recite Ayat-al-Kursi, (2.255) for then there will be a guard from Allah who will protect you all night long, and Satan will not be able to come near you till dawn.” (When the Prophet heard the story) he said (to me), “He (who came to you at night) told you the truth although he is a liar; and it was Satan.”

Starting at the beginning, the zakat was called “revenue,” not charity. By this time there were only Muslims in Medina, so the order to guard the storehouse means the first Muslims couldn’t be trusted.

1) The thief couldn’t be Satan, for why would a spirit steal food?

2) Further, why would someone trust a thief or Satan to share Qur’anic insights?
a) The referenced verse (2:255) says that Allah is God and that everything belongs to him. Quoting it makes no sense if Satan is Allah’s enemy.

3) But it makes perfect sense if Satan is using Allah as a disguise.
a) Yet by saying that it will protect one from Satan, it no longer makes sense.

4) But speaking of senseless, how can one who told the truth be a liar?