Some Facts About Islam and Prophet Mohammad

Koran which most Moslems call it Prophet Mohammed’s only miracle was written by Ottoman, the third Khalif some twenty-five to sixty years following the death of the Prophet. Therefore, the Holly book of Koran is nothing but a collection of “I heard him say”.

All my life I was told that Mohammad, who was illiterate, went to a mountain and when he came out he had written Koran. Researching this incredible miracle I realized that it was the biggest lie ever told.

The Prophet, as Muslims call him the protector of women and the human rights advocate, at age Twenty-five (25) married his boss, a forty (40) year old rich woman named Khadijeh, after she proposed to him. They had four daughters together but we know a lot about one daughter named Fatemeh. When Khadijeh died Mohammad at age fifty-six asked to marry Ayesha, daughter of his friend and first follower AboBakr. She was six years old. According to Saheeh al-Bukhari, the Prophet had three dreems where god gave him a bundle rapped in silk and told him this is your wife and when he opend the bundle there was this six year old child named Ayesha.

AboBakr requested from the Prophet to wait till she reached the age nine before consummating their marriage. So at age fifty-Eight the great Prophet, the defender of women’s rights raped a nine year old child. This is wrong today and it was wrong then.

That is the reason for marriage age for girls is set at age nine in lunar years (and sometimes younger in Islam).

Then Prophet Mohammad married anywhere between 29 to 45 more women. According to Ebn Abbas, “The highest member of Moslems who is the Prophet Mohammed has also the highest appetite for women.”

In another place God told Mohammad that “we have made such women available to you without any payment to them, these are all your cousins, slave women and any Moslem woman who would like to give you herself, or any women whom you desire free of charge.” So slavery at least for women was quite common. See Koran 33-50.

Prophet Mohammad even asked his own adopted son, Zaid Ebn Hares, to divorce his wife, Zeinab, so that he could marry her. When the members of tribe protested this marriage, because the daughter-in-law was considered like one’s daughter. Mohammed answered that he received a revelation from God, that “A Moslem man cannot adopt another man’s child.” Hence Hares was not his real son, therefore he could marry his adopted son’s wife.

When Mohammad and his wife Khadijeh adopted Zaid they were not Moslem. Prophet must obey God’s word and therefore, Zaid is not his son and Zeinab is not his daughter-in-law (according to Mohammad). That is why adoption is prohibited in Islam.

According to Koran, a collection of “I heard him say”: “Your wives are your tillage, go in unto your tillage in what manner so ever you will.”

And in another place it says “Good women are obedient, as for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.” Koran 4-34

Many Muslim apologists argue that the word “scourge” is only one translation for the word, dharaba (beat), used in Koran, which “could” also mean “strike with feather,” or strike with a stick not thicker than the thumb. These are preposterous assertions.

Does it make any sense that if a woman disobeys her husband, she first gets a warning and if the rebellion continues she is kicked out of her bedroom, and then right at the end the husband comes and starts beating his wife with feather?

Wasn’t there a more caressing word in Arabic than the word which could be translated as “scourge”.

In Koran 66-5, God tells Mohammed to tell his wives, “Maybe, his Lord, if he divorce you, will give him in your place wives better than you, submissive, faithful, obidient, penitent, adorers, fasters, widows and virgins.” Is this God of Muslims insane to tell such a thing to a man, supposedly his messenger?

Prophet married one of his daughters to AboBakr (and married daughter of AboBakr himself!!). After she died while being punished for disobedience. Prophet married another daughter to the same man.

For centuries the Mullah were opposed the translation of Koran in any other language. They said that Arabic was the language of God, and Koran must be read in Arabic. The reason was to hide the truth.

That is why every time a Muslim is questioned his answer is that Koran has been misinterpreted. What kind a book is this that can be misinterpreted so easily and widely?

Why haven’t all these Islamic scholars been able in 1400 years to get together and interpret this book so that everyone agrees with what was said and who said it?

Women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, and in Afghanistan the Talibans closed all girl’s schools and fired all the women from their jobs.

Women in Islamic nations are living in subhuman conditions and Muslim apologists call it protection. Protection from what? Protection from men like the Prophet who had no sexual tolerance toward women and if he liked them he must have them?

It is widely rumored that it is stated in a hadith (life stories of Prophet Mohammad) that “It is un-Islamic to beat a woman, a child, or a weaker person.” This statement is again used to believe that women are weaker than men. It has been proven by the world wars, Medical science, and history of mankind that women are the stronger sex.

In another place it is stated that “The role of the woman is to raise family and they are not to be exposed to the outside world.”

Why? Just because women carry the fetus in their womb does not mean that they are responsible for taking care of children. There is nothing instinctive about changing diapers.

No, men just didn’t want to do domestic work and came up with this nonsense that God wanted it this way.

Why, did God hate women?

The answer is no. There is no such thing as God, Allah or any super natural being. These are man-made stories to opress women for the benefit of a few men called Mullah’s, priests, Rabbi and so on.

Parvin Darabi


7 Responses to Some Facts About Islam and Prophet Mohammad

  1. Anonymous says:

    it is a total nonsense and rubbish whoever has written it

  2. javed says:

    what you are showing in your website is totally an foolish attempt how can you say that prophet mohammad was illiterate and all these nonscence article i will only say that god bless you

  3. Betew says:

    A nice article showing the EMPTYNESS, shaking foundations of Islam, which will soon fall in the face of humanbeings.
    You wrote nothing bad about JESUS, because there was, is and will be NONE!!

    Well done!!

  4. Ed says:

    Jesus ….. The product of rape or incest.

  5. Moo-Ham-Mad-Man says:

    “Muhammad’s” child with Maria the Copt….a product of adultery ‘cos Mo had a limp dick in his old age.

  6. khalil says:

    You are totally sick..never write about anything you dont know.All what you mentioned are LIES and totally nonsence.If you are really interested to know more about ISLAM..try to have the courage to contact me,and ill teach you

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post, keep up posting such exciting posts!

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