About Jesusallah

Message from the first administrator

Jesusallah.com aims to be a comprehensive site of comparative study of Semetic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) and how they all lead to same goal. All keen minds willing to promote true understanding of religions and help bring peace and understanding among fellow human beings are welcome to contribute to this noble cause.

The God of Bible and Allah of Quran are one and same. All Prophets – Jesus or Muhammad – were messengers of one and same Allah or God. Let us study God and Allah in detail, Quran and Bible in detail, and Jesus and Muhammad in detail.

Let us analyse all these critically, and dispell any myths or misconceptions on greatness of this tradition of religions which has same source!

This is an unmoderated site relying solely on noble intentions of the netizens and shall always remain so. The editors are randomly chosen and changed on regular basis from internet forums on semetic religions to ensure complete unbiasedness and as well as provide total freedom of expression.

Any post which is not backed by evidences or logical reasoning shall not be entertained to maintain the standards of the site.

Discover the Jannat and Heaven at http://www.jesusallah.com!!

All opinions expressed in the articles belong to their respective authors, and do not represent the opinions of site administrators. Even articles posted in name of ‘admin’ do not represent opinions of the site administrators. the ‘admin’ is merely aggregator of opinions from netizens.

Permission is hereby granted to translate and reproduce the articles in this site. For all others, please contact the copyright holder. Please provide a link to the original article.

All views expressed in the comments are the opinions of the persons posting them, and do not represent the opinions of site administrators.

The objective of the site is neither to promote a particular religion nor hurt any feelings. So those who may consider the site against their viewpoints are requested to leave the site immediately.


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