Mohammad Shujaat on Women

October 13, 2008

By: Ibn Kammuna

I stumbled upon a book written by Mohammad Shujaat. The title of the book was interesting “Social Justice in Islam” (ANMOL Publications PVT.LTD, New Delhi, 2004). The title intrigued me, only to be disappointed with the intellectual level of the author. One cannot write a lot in one short article to show the author’s intellectual dishonesty and lack of a decent ability of critical analysis. In this article I will only talk about some of the things he wrote about Islam and women. Here is what he writes:

This concept of the sanctity of chastity and the protection of women can be found nowhere else except in Islam. The armies of the western powers need the daughters of their own nations to satisfy their carnal appetites even in their own countries, and if they happen to occupy another country, the fate of its womenfolk can better be imagined than described.
But the history of the Muslims, apart from individual lapses, has been free from this crime against womanhood. It has never happened that after the conquest of a foreign country the Muslim army has gone about raping the women of the conquered people, or, in their own country, the government has arranged to provide prostitutes for them. (Page 39)

Note that his first sentence implies that only Islam protects the “sanctity and chastity and the protection” of women (I guess Mr. Shujaat doesn’t know what the Pakistani army did to the women of Bangladesh during their independence war). The author has not done a survey of all cultures, past and present, to make such a claim. In fact, such a claim makes Islam guilty of viewing a woman as no more than a commodity. However, what follows, makes clear what he is comparing women’s status in Islam with; it is the western culture and its view of women. Western values do not view women only as a sexual object. They are viewed as a full human being with rights and obligations, just as a man. In fact, what Mr. Shujaat mentions, makes clear that women in Islam are viewed only as sexual objects.

The second paragraph in the above quote aims at “saving grace” with regard how Muslims treated women in the past. Women in Islam are treated as “awrat”. They can bring honor or shame to the male Muslims, and that is why male chauvinist Muslims are always trying to subdue women. Also, Muslims in the past enslaved and raped women after their conquests. In fact, the prophet of Islam sanctioned such practice after each “Ghazwa” the Muslims did steal other people’s belongings, kill the men, enslave women and children, and rape the women. If you don’t believe me, look at this story about the holy prophet:

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:

that while he was sitting with Allah’s Apostle he said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We get female captives as our share of booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interruptus?” The Prophet said, “Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence.

Note that the above hadith shows that the early Muslims took women as slaves and raped them. However, economics ruled, and women slaves were sold. A non-pregnant slave was worth more than a pregnant slave. This why Muslim men practiced coitus interruptus. They wanted sex without a resulting pregnancy, so they can get a better price for the slave woman when they sell her. Also, it is of critical importance in the above hadith to note the prophet’s value system. He did not worry about raping the women. That was not a problem for him. What was a problem is how to make sure that the men had the ultimate sexual joy out of raping those women made slave by Islam’s evil “Ghazwas”. Mr. Shujaat either did not know about the above hadith, or just wants to lie to people in his book to elevate Islam. If this is not enough evidence to incriminate Mr. Shujaat as a decent writer, look at the following verse from the Qur’an (33:50):
PICKTHAL: O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war, and the daughters of thine uncle on the father’s side and the daughters of thine aunts on the father’s side, and the daughters of thine uncle on the mother’s side and the daughters of thine aunts on the mother’s side who emigrated with thee, and a believing woman if she give herself unto the Prophet and the Prophet desire to ask her in marriage – a privilege for thee only, not for the (rest of) believers – We are Aware of that which We enjoined upon them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess – that thou mayst be free from blame, for Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.

A true Muslim may not like the above verse because it proves that the holy prophet did practice raping women. Those women were given to him as spoils of war, by the mighty Allah. You see, the god of Muhammad did make sure that the prophet’s carnal desires are fully satisfied! I am sure Mr. Shujaat has seen the above verse. It is in his holy book after all.


The Suicidal Mohammad???

October 7, 2008

Volume 9, Book 87, Number 111:
Narrated ‘Aisha:

The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah’s Apostle was in the form of good righteous (true) dreams in his sleep. He never had a dream but that it came true like bright day light. He used to go in seclusion (the cave of) Hira where he used to worship(Allah Alone) continuously for many (days) nights. He used to take with him the journey food for that (stay) and then come back to (his wife) Khadija to take his food like-wise again for another period to stay, till suddenly the Truth descended upon him while he was in the cave of Hira. The angel came to him in it and asked him to read. The Prophet replied, “I do not know how to read.” (The Prophet added), “The angel caught me (forcefully) and pressed me so hard that I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and again asked me to read, and I replied, “I do not know how to read,” whereupon he caught me again and pressed me a second time till I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and asked me again to read, but again I replied, “I do not know how to read (or, what shall I read?).” Thereupon he caught me for the third time and pressed me and then released me and said, “Read: In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists). Has created man from a clot. Read and Your Lord is Most Generous…up to….. ..that which he knew not.” (96.15)

(parts before omitted because it was too long)

But after a few days Waraqa died and the Divine Inspiration was also paused for a while and the Prophet became so sad as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains and every time he went up the top of a mountain in order to throw himself down, Gabriel would appear before him and say, “O Muhammad! You are indeed Allah’s Apostle in truth” whereupon his heart would become quiet and he would calm down and would return home. And whenever the period of the coming of the inspiration used to become long, he would do as before, but when he used to reach the top of a mountain, Gabriel would appear before him and say to him what he had said before. (Ibn ‘Abbas said regarding the meaning of: ‘He it is that Cleaves the daybreak (from the darkness)’ (6.96) that Al-Asbah. means the light of the sun during the day and the light of the moon at night).

1) Concerning the first part – The start of Islam
a) Why would an all-knowing deity ask an illiterate man to read?
b) Why does the spirit tell us that man was created from blood clots when it’s not true?
c) If this spirit “taught by the pen what men did not know,” where are those words?
d) And why digress to an oral recital when written testimony is superior?
e) Why gloat, saying he’s generous – in what way and to whom?
f) But the real question is: if this spirit “taught by the pen what men did not know,” where are those words?

2) Why was Mohammad suicidal?
a) When someone dies, do thoughts of suicide normally overtake someone?
b) Does this preclude Mohammad from being a prophet, because no prophet before was ever suicidal?
c) How many times did Gabriel go to Mohammad to tell him he was Allah’s messenger?
d) Does the fact that Gabriel had to tell Mohammad more than 1 time he was Allah’s messenger mean that Gabriel was not very convincing?
e) Or that Mohammad did not believe a spirit who nearly crushed the life out of him, and asked him (an illiterate man to read)?

3) Some people allege that it was not an angel who convinced Mohammad to not commit suicide, but Satan. However, the argument to this point has been that if it was indeed Satan who met Mohammad and nearly pressed the life out of him, and then saved Mohammad from suicide, Mohammad would not have pulled through and succeeded in his mission to spread the message of God.
a) Let’s examine this claim:
b) If it was an angel from God, well, insert questions from section 1 here…
c) Did Mohammad succeed in spreading the message of God?
i) What was the message?
ii) To kill infidels?
iii) To outlaw adoption so that Mohammad could marry his adopted son’s wife?
(see comment 3 of
iv) Was it to make booty (aka plunder) lawful for Mohammad? Bukhari Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331
v) By making Mohammad victorious through terror? (Bukhari Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331)
vi) That muslim women should have hairless palms?
vii) Etc, etc…
viii) Is this the message of God or the message of Satan?
d) Furthermore, If Muslims believe in the Torah/Old Testament, they will find that God gave the Prophet Moses the 10 Commandments:
i) An exercise in futility – which of the 10 Commandments did Mohammad NOT break?

4) Another argument that exists is that if Prophet Muhammad was truly inspired by Satan then Satan would order him to jump and kill him self just like how he tried to do with Jesus, Mathew 4:6-7
a) First of all, Satan was testing whether Jesus was the Son of God, to which Jesus replied Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
b) If Satan wanted Jesus to commit suicide, it would be understandable because Jesus brought the Golden rule “Love thy neighbour as yourself”
i) Is this message compatible with Satan and evil?
c) Would Satan want Mohammad to commit suicide after all the things he brought forth to the Muslim world? (See question 3 above)

5) Why would Bukhari include this verse?
a) It;s not a very good start for any religion?
b) Was it to show that Mohammad was a fraud?