Ultimate Destination Every Muslim Aspires to Reach

The highest spiritual attainment in Islam is entering Alla’s Paradise and live there for eternity. On the ‘Day of Last Judgment’ or Qiyamah, Allah will forgive every sins of his beloved believers and allow them to enter his Paradise due to the only merit of their belief in Allah’s Koran and the Prophet-hood of Muhammad. Or simply for the merit of believing in the Kalema Taib that reads, “La Ilaha Illallah, Mohmmadur Rasulullah”. On that day, Allah will raise each and every human being from his grave and assemble them to assess their deeds in this world and hence to send them to either hell or heaven. The people would be assembled on the Day of Resurrection bare footed, naked and uncircumcised (Sahih Muslim: 6844, 6846, 6847). In one occasion Ayesha asked, “Will the male and the female be together on that day and would they be looking at one another?” Allah’s Messenger visibly became annoyed with this vexed question and replied, “The matter would be too serious for them to look at one another” (Sahih Muslim: 6844).

“On the Day of Resurrection, Allah would bring the sun very close to the people and there would be left only a distance of one mile” (Sahih Muslim: 6852). After the judgement, each and every Muslim, due to the merit of believing in Allah’s Koran and the Allah’s Prophet Muhammad, would be admitted into the paradise (jannah), while the entire lot of non-Muslims (kafirs) will be thrown into hell-fire. It should also be mentioned here that, Allah will be extremely cruel to Hindus as they are idolatrous. So Koran says, “You (the disbeliever or the kafir) and all your idols shall be the fuel of Hell; therein you all go down. Were they true gods, your idols would not go there; but in they shall abide for ever. They shall groan with pain and be bereft of hearing” (21:98-100).

The wisdom of Allah has created eight kinds of Paradise to maintain a hierarchy among the believers and these are (1) Kheld, (2) Dar-es-salam, (3) Darul, (4) Adan, (5) Nayeem, (6) Mawa, (7) Alluyin and (8) Ferdaus. Best places of the Paradise are reserved for Prophets, the martyrs of jihad and ghazis or slayers of infidels. So the Koran say, “We shall pardon your (believer’s) evil deeds and admit you with all honour to Paradise (4:31). “Allah will not forgive those who serve other gods besides him. … He that serves other gods besides him is guilty of a heinous sin” (4:48). “Allah will not forgive idolatry. He will forgive all other sins. He says that, who serves other gods besides Allah, has strayed far from the truth” (4:116). “Allah will do away with their (believers’) foulest deeds” (39: 35). As mentioned above, the believers would find places in different kinds of Paradise according to their hierarchy, and hence- “The (common) inmates of the paradise will look to the upper apartment of the paradise as you see the planets in the sky” (Sahih Muslim: 6788 & 6789). And all those, who do not believe in Islam, will be thrown into hell-fire. It again reflects that Islam is a doctrine of hate.

The fire in Hell would be quite different from ordinary fire. It would be 70 times more intense than mundane fire (Sahih Muslim: 6811). The wisdom of Allah has created seven categories of Hell to suit different kinds of kafirs and the intensity of fire and height of the flames will be different in these Hells. In some Hell, fire will reach the ankles, somewhere it will reach the knees, somewhere to the waists and somewhere to the collar-bones (SM: 6815, 6816). Hindus are not simple kafirs, but kafirs of the worst kind, as they are idol worshipers. As a punishment for this fault as well as for the most serious fault of creating partners to Allah by way of worshiping other gods, they would therefore be thrown into Havia, the most tormenting Hell, where the height of the flames of hell-fire would reach one’s scalp. While the Jews and Christians, for their merit of not being idolatrous, would be thrown into less tormenting Hell.

In this eternal Hell-fire, Allah would roast the kafirs again and again, and every time He will replace their skins with new ones, so that they could suffer this inhuman torture without any pause (Koran- 4:56). There will be no death for the inmates of the Paradise and no death for the inmates of the Hell (SM: 6827, 6829), and this announcement will increase the delight of the dwellers of the Paradise, while it would increase the grief of the inmates of the Hell (SM: 6830). Furthermore, the kafirs in Hell would have very strange appearances. For example, the molar teeth or the canine teeth of an unbeliever in Hell would be like Uhud (a hill in the neighbourhood of Mecca) and the thickness of his skin would be three night’s journey (SM: 6831) and the distance between his two shoulders would also be three night’s journey for a swift rider (SM: 6832).

Believers in Paradise (Jannah):

While the unbelievers will perish in Hell, the believers, though fallen and evil doers, will joyfully enter Allah’s Paradise where there are rivers of pure water, milk, pure honey and divine wine are flowing and the Koran says, “Allah will do away with their foulest deeds” (39:35). “As for those who led the way, the First of the muhajirs (Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina) and the ansar (Muslims of Medina who helped muhajirs) , and those who nobly followed them, Allah is pleased with them and they with Him. He has prepared for them gardens watered by running streams, where they shall dwell for ever. That is the supreme triumph” (9:100). “He will forgive, you your sins and admit you to gardens watered by running streams; He will lodge you in pleasant mansions in the garden of Eden. That is the supreme triumph.” (61:12). The Koran also says “This is the Paradise which the righteous (Muslims) have been promised. There shall flow in it rivers of unpolluted water, and rivers of ever fresh milk; rivers of delectable wine and rivers of clearest honey. They shall eat therein every fruit and receive forgiveness from their Lord” (47:15).

In a hadis narrated by Abu Huraira, a close companion of prophet Muhammad, Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, said, “I have prepared (the paradise) for My pious servants which no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, and no human heart has ever perceived but it is testified by the book of Allah. … No soul knows what comfort has been concealed from them, as a reward for what they did” (Sahih Muslim: 6779, 6780, 6781, 6782 & 6783). “In paradise there would be two rivers Saiban and Jaiban. Beside that, people would find Euphrates and Nile are all among the rivers of paradise” (Sahih uslimM: 6807).

To describe Islamic Paradise, Sir W. Muir writes, “Rest and passive enjoyment; verdant gardens watered by murmuring rivulets, wherein the believers, clothed in green silk brocades and silver ornaments, repose beneath the wide-spreading shade on couches well furnished with cushions and carpets, drink the sweet waters of the fountains, and quaff aromatic wines such as the Arab loved from goblets placed before them or handed round in silver cups resplendent as glass by beautiful youths; while clusters of fruits hang close-by inviting the hand to gather them; – such is the paradise framed to captivate the inhabitants of the thirsty sterile Mecca”. Another element is soon added to complete the Paradise of the pleasure-loving Arabs – “Theirs shall be gardens and vineyards, and damsels with swelling bosoms, of an equal age, and a full cup” (78:31). ….. “In the oft described shady gardens ‘with fruits and meats, and beakers of wine causing not the head to ache, neither disturbing the reason’, these damsels of the paradise are introduced as “Lovely large-eyed girls resembling pearls hidden in their shells, a reward for that which the faithful have wrought. …Verily We have created them of a rare creation; We have made them virgins, fascinating, of an equal age “(52:21).

The believers after entering Paradise would assume completely changed appearances and hence the hadis of Sahih Muslim says, “The (members) of the first group to get into the paradise would have their faces as bright as full moon during the night, and the next group would have their faces as bright as the shining stars in the sky” (Sahih Muslim: 6793). Not only their appearances but also their physiology as well as metabolic activities would also be greatly altered. “The members of the first group that would be admitted to the paradise would have their faces as bright as the full moon during the night. They would neither spit nor suffer catarrh, nor void excrement. They would have their utensils and their combs made of gold and silver and the fuel of their braziers would be aloes and their sweat will be musk and every one of them would have two spouses (so beautiful) that the marrow of their shanks would be visible through the flesh. There would be no dissension amongst them and no enmity in their hearts”.(Sahih Muslim: 6797, 6798, 6800). They (the dwellers of paradise) would neither pass water, nor void excrement, nor will they suffer from catarrh, nor will they spit, and their combs would be made of gold, and their sweat will be musk, the fuel of their brazier will be aloes, and their wives will be large-eyed maidens and their form would be alike as one single person after the form of their father (Adam) sixty cubits tall (Sahih Muslim: 6795, 6796).

To describe His Paradise, Allah, in Koran, says, “The righteous shall surely dwell in bliss. Reclining upon soft couches they will gaze around them; and in their faces you shall mark the glow of joy. They shall drink of a pure wine, securely sealed, whose very dregs are musk, for this let all men emulously strive; a wine tempered with the waters of Tasnim, a spring at which the favoured will refresh themselves” (36:5-22). “But the true servants of Allah shall be well provided for, feasting on fruit, and honoured in the gardens of delight. Reclining face to face upon soft couches, they shall be served with a goblet filled at a gushing fountain, white and delicious to those who drink. It will neither dull their senses nor befuddle them” (37: 47). As for the righteous, they shall surely triumph. Theirs shall be gardens and vineyards, and high-bosomed maidens for companions: a truly overflowing cup”.(78: 31) “To dark-eyes houris, We shall wed them. Fruits we shall give them, and such meats as they desire. …there shall wait on them young boys of their own as Fair as virgin pearls” (52:17-24). One may find similar description of Alla’s paradise in the verses (55: 46-55), (76:5-18), (88:8-16) and (83:22-28) of the Koran.


The chief attractions of Allah’s Paradise are houries or Heavenly damsels, who are virgins, chaste, dark eyed with swelling bosoms and never become older than 16 and the Koran says, “as for the righteous, they shall surely triumph. Theirs shall be gardens and vineyards, and high-bosomed maidens for companions: a truly overflowing cup” (78:31-34). “They shall sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins, as chaste as the sheltered eggs of ostriches. Surely that is the supreme triumph. Let every man labour to achieve it” (37; 48-50).

“We created houris and made them virgins, loving companions for those on the right hand: a multitude from the men of old, and a multitude from the later. …And theirs shall be dark-eyed houris, chaste as hidden pearls: a guerdon for their deeds. They shall recline on couches raised on high in the shade of thornless sidrahs and clusters of talh; amidst gushing waters and abundant fruits, un-forbidden. never-ending. We created houris and made them virgins, loving companions for those on the right hand: a multitude from the men of old, and a multitude from the later”(56:22-40). One may further description of houries in the verses (55:56-78), (44:51-57) etc of the Koran.

Regarding these houris, Sir W. Muir says “So long the Prophet lived in Mecca with his only wife Khadija, houris were simply rewards of Allah. But later, after the death of Khadija, when the Prophet started marrying several wives, houris became legal wives. So Allah said, “And there would be none without a wife in paradise” (Sahih Muslim: 6793).

It is not clearly specified in scriptures that how many of these heavenly damsels a believer in Paradise would get. As quoted above, somewhere Allah says that each believer would get two houries as their wives. Somewhere Allah promises many, e.g. He allots 72 of them for the saheeds, who die in fighting for Allah’s cause. But extreme sensuality of the Prophet of Arabia has been reflected in a hadis narrated by Abu Huraira, that says, even the most wretched, the most fallen believer in Allah’s Paradise would own a vast compound which would contain seventy mansions of pearls, every mansion would contain seventy houses of rubies, every house would have seventy rooms of emeralds, every room would contain seventy couches, and every couch would be covered with seventy carpets of every colour, and a houri would be sitting on each carpet. Furthermore, every such above mentioned rooms would have seventy tables laid out, and on every table there would be seventy dishes of seventy colours and every room would also have seventy maid slaves. Every believer would have the capability of copulating with each of these houris and maids. Simple calculations will show that the believer will get (70 x 70 x 70 x 70 x 70=) 1,680,700,000 or 1.6807 billion houris.(Ram Swarup, Understanding Islam Through Hadis, Voice of India, New Delhi, 1983, p-205)

According another hadis narrated by Abu Sa’id, all these women would put on see-through garments. According to another tradition mentioned by Aldous Huxley, every orgasm in Allah’s Paradise would last for 600 years (Aldous Huxley, Moksha, Chatto & Windus, London, 1980, p-112).


From the above descriptions it becomes evident that the Islamic paradise, which offers as the ultimate destination for the Muslims, is nothing but a five star super luxury brothel. Perhaps no worldly brothel has quite good stock of young boys, to be offered to the customers to do sodomy. But in the Islamic Paradise, by the grace of most merciful Allah, each and every believer will be supplied with plenty of most charming, beautiful and obedient Heavenly young boys, called gelemans, to do sodomy with them, and hence the Koran says, “They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who to the beholder’s eyes will seem like sprinkled pearls. When you gaze upon that scene you will behold a kingdom blissful and glorious. They shall be arrayed in garments of fine green silk and rich brocade, and adorned with bracelets of silver.” (76:19-22). “…and there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine, that will neither pain their heads nor take away their reason; with fruits of their own choice and flesh of fowls that they relish” (56: 11-21).

How many of these heavenly boys or gelemans a believer will own in Allah’s Paradise? A tradition says that every believer in Paradise, irrespective of his hierarchy, will own 1000 gelemans. According to a hadis narrated by Anas, everyone will get 10,000 slaves. According to a hadis narrated by Abu Sa’id, the number of slave boys, a believer will own, will be not less than 1000 and not more than 80,000 (Ram Swarup, ibid, p-205).

There are three main aspects of a mundane brothel and they are (1) good food, (2) good wine and (3) charming women and Allah’s brothel called Paradise provides all the three in profuse quantities and that too absolutely free of cost. In addition to that, (a) wine in Allah’s brothel does not cause the head to ache, (b) that wine would be securely sealed, whose very dregs are musk, (c) the visitors of Allah’s brothel would neither pass water, nor void excrement, nor will they suffer from catarrh, nor will they spit, (d) they would eat divine fruits and desired preparations of meat, (e) the dark-eyed women of Allah’s brothel would always remain virgins and chaste, (f) they would not get older than sweet sixteen, (g) they would wear see-through garments, (h) the visitors of the Allah’s brothel would be able to see the marrow of their bones, and above all (i) every orgasm in Allah’s Paradise with these heavenly damsels would last for 600 years and (j) the visitors would be provided with pretty young boys, who would never be older than 16, for doing sodomy too.

Some Other Features of Allah’s Brothel:

A Bengali author, Mr. A T M Rafiqul Hasan, in his book Aat Behest O Saat Dojokh (Eight kinds of Heaven and Seven Kinds of Hell, Muslim Library, Calcutta, 2003), has clarified some other rare aspects of Allah’s brothel. For example, a grape of Allah’s Paradise would contain enough juice to fill up a cask and a date palm of Paradise would be as long as twelve cubits that would not bear any seed. The trees in Allah’s Paradise would be capable of playing any kind of movement including walking. If an inmate of Paradise desires to taste a fruit, even of a distant tree, the tree would come near to him and push the desired fruit into his mouth.

It has been mentioned above that a visitor of Allah’s brothel would be able to copulate with billions of heavenly damsels or houris. But what would be the nature of ejaculation of such copulations? Mr. Rafiqul Hasan has thrown considerable light on this aspect of Allah’s brothel. He narrates that, one day a companion of the Prophet asked him to enlighten him on this matter and in his reply the Prophet said that, ejaculation of semen in Allah’s brothel would be entirely different from an ejaculation in this world. Firstly, the semen of an inmate of Allah’s brothel would be a puff of fragrant air and an ejaculation of this peculiar semen would give the inmate a million times more pleasure than worldly ejaculation. Secondly, the worldly ejaculation diminishes the vigour and energy of the man. But it would be entirely opposite in Allah’s brothel. An ejaculation here would increase the vigour of the inmate by million times.


In the previous instalment, we have seen that Hindu Dharma assigns Moksha, an entirely spiritual concept, as the ultimate goal to be attained by man. It has also been pointed out that, through the concept of Moksha, Hindu Dharma aspires to raise man from humanity to divinity. On the contrary, Islam prescribes the paradise as the ultimate destination of man which is nothing but a brothel full of sensuality and sex. And hence, sensuality and sex is the final word of Islam. In fact, it was not possible for the illiterate pastoral people of Arabia, the originators of the creed of Islam, to conceive any better goal for man.

From the above discussions, it is not difficult for the reader to comprehend that there is a gulf of difference between the Hindu Dharma and Islam. Hindu dharma wants to elevate man to divinity, while Islam wants to drag man down to bestiality. And hence it needs a fool to say that these two are same.

(to be continued)


*Professor, Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta.


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