Muslims: Where Are the Proofs?

By: Cherson
Islam is the only true religion, you say.

And where are the proofs?

If you are the followers of the only true religion, then your God must help you.

Look at the Jews; in spite of all the misfortunes, they managed to build the state you can only be envious of. It does not matter, if they got help form someone or not – YOU the Muslims get a lot more help than Israel, but still live many times worse. What matters is that they COULD build the prosperous state in just 60 years-and you, in 600, COULD NOT. Besides, they, with around 5 million people living in the country the size of New Jersey and without any oil or any natural resources whatsoever, beat you in all the wars you started. It does not matter, if America helped them or not; America helped Israel, and the USSR gave much more help to you. What matters is that they beat you.

When a tiny country without any natural resources beat the block of countries which exceeds it 40 times in population, 100 times in territory and I do not even know how many times in natural resources – I call this a Miracle.

If this happens 2 times in a row, it means that the God Almighty pays special attention to this tiny country.

And if it happens 5 times in a row, I have no explanation except that this tiny people are, indeed, elected by God.

So, the God Of Israel Helps His People.

Look at the Christians. They ALSO live better than you, and they are stronger than you, in spite of the two bloodiest wars in just the last 70 years. So, their God helps them, too.

And what about YOUR God? Your Allah? Judging by how you the Muslims live today (in Egypt, one of the most advanced and “prosperous” among the Islamic countries, 43% of the population live on, or better to say, starve on 1.5 dollars a day), it looks like your God has not helped you too much.

You live on the verge of hunger, importing from 35% to 55% of the food you consume – with that the climatic conditions in the Arab countries are much better than, let’s say, in Israel, which is, nonetheless, one of the world EXPORTERS of food.

On the site of The Arab League you can find the list of the Muslims (mainly Arabs) whose contribution influenced the development of world civilization. The list is very impressive, but there is one feature the Arabs prefer not to talk about: it ends by the XIII century.

Muslims, you spend on R&D (researches and development) only 0.4% of your rachitic GDP while Cuba, not a technological giant, spends 1.26% and Japan spends 2.9% of its enormous GDP on the scientific researches.

I repeat: ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, and not on the investigations on the nature of Jiins and Hoors!

According to UNESCO, 27% of Arab males and 49% of females (58 million of people, in total) are illiterate. Have you decided to copy your illiterate prophet in this, too, Muslims? If so, you should not have to weep that scientifically and technologically, you are at the level of Tropical Africa; you are where you have to be!

But looks like you want to go further than your prophet! An average Arab studies 3.4 years (less-only in Tropical Africa). In Saudi Arabia, the richest of all the Arab countries, more than 25% of University graduates are the specialists in theology, and quite seriously investigate such a “serious” problem as the nature of hermaphrodites and what part of heritage the hermaphrodites have to get: the one of a woman-or the one of a man.

Militarily, you are nothing. And without the American and European arms, you are even less than nothing. If it were not for the American and European arms, you would now have the weapons your forefathers used at Hittin and Poitier: sables and arches.

I shall not humiliate you, Muslims, by comparing you to the USA or Japan (Japanese religiously are Pagans, by the way); near them you would look like an ant in the shadow of the elephant. It would be enough to say that the total GDP of the entire Arab world is somewhere close to $504-552 billion, which is roughly 1.8 to 2 times the gross state product of the State of Massachusetts.

Let’s compare your achievements with the achievements of some small country.

Israel, for example:

Jews, 5 million people living on a piece of land a bit more than a football camp, managed to develop the tank which is considered among the best tanks in the world.

Where are YOUR tanks, Muslims? Your most modern variant of the battle field tank was that famous camel that Aisha was sitting on during The Battle of the Camel. After that-nothing you have done nothing.

Israelis military plane, the “Levi”, was initially built more than 30 years ago and is still serving in the armies of some Latin American countries.

Where are YOUR planes, Muslims? The last Islamic flying apparatus I heard of was AlBuraq.

Israel is one of the world’s pharmaceutical leaders. Millions of people in the world are saved annually thanks to Israelis pharmaceutical achievements.

What are YOUR pharmaceutical achievements, Muslims? The famous advice by your “prophet” to drink camel urine as the All Cure medicine? Narrated Abu Qilaba: “Anas said, “Some people of ‘Ukl or ‘Uraina tribe came to Medina and its climate did not suit them. So the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine)… (Sahih Bukhari, Ablutions (Wudu’), Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234)

In high-tech, to compare you – and Israel …It’s not even amusing.

But maybe your Allah provided you with the level of life so high that and these “long-nosed sons of apes and monkeys” will tomorrow die of envy?

No, they will not die. An average Israeli earns 1200-1400 dollars a month. And an average Arab? 150 – 200 dollars.

Of course, you can go on calling them “apes”, ”monkeys”, ”long-nosed thieves” …Maybe it will make you feel better. But for sure, it will not make you LIVE better.

What are the proofs that your religion is the only true, then?

Moreover, Muslims, there is a very strict dependence: the more you pray-the worse you live, and less is the role you play in the world. For the last 600 years, you could not have even approached the Glory of Umayyads or Abbasids dynasties.

But, hey, wait a moment! There WAS a moment of Glory of Islam, and Muslims have demonstrated to the world that they CAN create things to be remembered and admired by the future generations!

The Islamic Golden Age, 8-12 centuries. You just look at the names!

Omar Khayam (1048-1122),

Al-Zahrawi (936-1013),

Al-Khowarizmi (780-850);

Al-Biruni (973-1050),

Al-Kindi (801-873),

Al-Battani (850-929 CE),

Ibn-Sina (973-1037),

Abdallah al-Ma’arri (973-1057),

Omar Khayam (1048-1122),

Ibn-Rushd (1128-1198) and

Jalaluddin Rumi (Birth 1207)
However, there is something very interesting about that period of the Islamic Golden Age – from the time preceding and following that period. The Golden Age of Islam strangely coincides in time with the birth and development of the Islamic doctrine called Mutazili, originated during the period of ‘Abbasid Caliphate’ (749-847 AD).
I call it “Islamic doctrine”, but, as a matter of fact, Mutazili means “the deserter of Islam”! This theological doctrine originated in the 8th century in al-Basrah, Iraq, when Wasil Ibn´Atta after a theological discussion left to the people the teaching lessons of al-Hassan al-Basri. Thus, Ibn´Atta and his followers were labelled by these opponents “Mutazili” which means “deserter of Islam”. The Mutazili theology expanded on the logic and rationalism of Greek philosophy, seeking to combine them with Islam, and show that they were inherently compatible.
And do you know what questions were raised and openly debated by Muslims theologians and scholars at THAT time? For example, they calmly discussed, whether the Quran was created or if it was eternal. And do you know the conclusion of the discussion? The Mu’tazila scholars decided that the Quran had been created by Muhammad that it was not the Word of God.
And nobody cut their heads, hands, feet and other important and not so important parts off their bodies.
Among other questions openly, and without fear, discussed by the Islamic scholars at that time was whether or not evil was created by God, the issue of Predestination vs. Free Will, whether God’s attributes in the Qur’an were to be interpreted allegorically or literally, and whether sinning believers would have eternal punishment in Hell.
You may have thought that the Islamic leaders of that time ran around with swords in hand to cut off the heads of the “heretics”?
Nothing of the kind. The doctrine that the Quran was not the Word of God but was created by Muhammad, which amounts to absolute heresy as per Classical Islam, was promoted by the, then Abbasid Caliph Haroon al-Rasheed (763-809), and was made the official court belief by his son, the great Caliph al-Mamun. Caliph al-Mamun even instituted inquisition-style persecution, called Mihna in Arabic meaning Ordeal (833-848), for those who would not accept the Mutazili ideology instead of Quranic Islam.
You just imagine: until the 12th century the Muslims quite tolerantly accepted the idea that the Quran had been created by Muhammad, and did not run like a horde of amoc-driven hashish-smokers, to kill anyone who would dare to say this.
And the Caliphate of Haroon AlRasheed and his son The Great Caliph al-Mamun are still remembered by the people for its freedom of thought and for that unbelievable push it gave to the sciences, literature, arts, technologies.
But then… Mu’tazila belief system had a weak point; it was actively promoted by the Islamic Caliphs and was popular amongst the educated and intellectual elites – but did not reach the common mass. The dogmatic pro-Quran Muslims (today we should call them fundamentalists or Islamofascists) used this weak point in Mu’tazila. The dogmatic Quranic or Sunni Islam slowly started to dominate the Muslim thoughts and later Imam al-Ghazalli (d. 1111), the famous Ahadith-collector, provoked riots by challenging the rational thinking of Mu’tazila belief since it could not prove the reality of Allah. Famous intellectuals, such as Ibn-Sina, Ibn-Rusd, al-Ma’arri and Omar Khayam were called heretics or apostates by the Islamic zealots, such as Imam Ghazali. Subsequently, Mutazili started losing ground to the assaults of the Fundamentalist Muslims and finally lost patronage of the rulers and high officials. By the 13th Century, Mutazili was dead – and with that ended the so-called Golden Age of Islam.
And since then – a lot of “AllahHuAkbar”, a lot of prostrating, exaggerated attention to the formal side of Islam, suicide belts, burkhas ,veils – on one side, and poverty, misery, hunger, backwardness – on the other.
Fundamentalist Sunni Islam put an end to the development of Islamic World – and led it to stagnation, poverty and backwardness.
Now, at least, I hope Muslims know who they have to hate.


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