What Defines a Militant?


By: Leslie Sacks

8 Killed…by Palestinian MILITANT (pg 1, LA Times, March 7, 2008)


Militants are marchers in San Francisco shouting anti-Bush slogans.
Militants are protestors scuffling with police at the G8 Summits in Seattle and Rome.
Militants are volunteers of The Minutemen patrolling our southern borders.

However they are certainly not the terrorist who chose a seminary of unarmed religious youths in the middle of the holy city of Jerusalem and then proceeded to massacre eight of these students, apart from the dozen badly wounded, in a library containing mainly Bibles – Old Testament Bibles, from whence the Koran ironically sprang.

In Gaza, messianic crowds danced and celebrated, handing out sweets in an orgy of revenge, the smell of martyrdom already thick amongst the revelers.

Hamas calls the attack “heroic” (pg. 8, LA Times, March 7, 2008). So the West, including The Los Angeles Times, calls these cold blooded murderers of young innocents, “militants”, while the Palestinians revere them as “heroic.” Can there be any greater perversion of morality, of language, than this dangerous reversion of truth, of common sense?

So our soldiers in Iraq are killers and yet these by contrast are just angry, oppressed people desperate for expression. They could not possibly emigrate to any of the dozens of surrounding Arab countries and make a life and a mark there – certainly by any standard these countries have many opportunities.

They could not possibly stay in Gaza and the West Bank and help spend the billions of dollars of aid from the U.S., Europe and the UN on better sewage systems, on education, medical and judicial facilities, all clearly in desperate need of an overhaul.

They could also not possibly help increase security, decrease honor killings, rape, corruption, graft and political killings amongst themselves. They could not express disapproval to every newspaper in the world; they could not protest outside the UN in New York or the Israel Embassy in London. These brave men could not even choose for their Jihad an Israeli Army base or police station.


They chose a seminary of unarmed innocents in Jerusalem.

That is their unmatched heroism.

These are the heroes we are informed, that must be our negotiating partners, our trusted allies in peace.

According to world media, the ETA Basques are terrorists; so are the IRA (Ireland), the Baader-Meinhof (Germany), the Red Brigades (Italy), the Japanese Red Army (Japan), the Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka), FARC (Colombia), FLN, (Algeria), ELN (Bolivia), the Khmer Rouge (Cambodia) and the Shining Path (Peru)…all and every one of these multitudinous groups, terrorists.

Yet these killers from Gaza and the West Bank are by contrast uniquely labeled by our empathic, understanding and infinitely nonjudgmental press as militants. These are the militants, however who could teach all these terrorists a thing or two about depravity, about blind fanaticism, about a bloodlust for innocents.

As long as our American soldiers are accused by our politicians and our press – claims of torture, rape and murder are everywhere evident; and as long as these Jihadists are, by comparison in our upside-down world, justified as militants; we will fail to see and mark the enemy; we will appease and endlessly negotiate, in all our ambiguity and confusion, with the devil.

We cannot win the war if we refuse to acknowledge who we must fight. If we forgive and offer abject apologies to those who seek our demise, those who wish our destruction, then indeed the enemy is within, the enemy is ourselves.

This article is complements of Family Security Matters.


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