The Land Of The Free Will Cease To Be When It’s No Longer The Home Of The Brave

By: Cherson

Is the dialog between Muslims and non-Muslims possible in principle?

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the main questions of the modern global politics. And the answers are sometimes diametrically opposite. Some say that the Muslims should be pressed and pressed, because they take any other form of dialog for a manifestation of weakness and immediately after being offered a finger ,they try to swallow the whole arm, together with the wrist and elbow – and then reach for a shoulder.

Others say that the Muslims are “human beings like the rest of us”, and that pressing is “unproductive”; we should just find the common language with Muslims- and all will be pals.

Well, of course, we would like to believe in the second answer, to believe that the words are Almighty and that the people are all human beings, which means that the dialog is possible. That is the approach of many countries of the EU.

But is this approach correct?

I shall not direct you to the links where the Muslims, including the Islamic scholars, government officials and even members of the governments of the Islamic countries, call to kill “the infidels”; you know them as well as I do. I shall not invite you to open the Quran and see for yourselves how the “peaceful religion” offers to treat the infidels: you know this very well, too.

And Muslims, together with the “useful idiots” from the Left-wing, will of course in response immediately start the national Islamic game “We-Are-Innocent-Victims” in which Muslims would win all the medals if it were included in the programme of Olympics, and then they will “explain” to all the stupid infidels that these speeches are pronounced exactly because we do not try to start the open-hearted dialog with Muslims, but only press them. And that instead of attacking them, we must start to talk with Muslims” from our heart” So, it’s just the question of starting to talk to Muslims “from our heart” – and Al Qayeda will immediately stop killing, and 50% of the adult Muslims all over the world will stop to support it.

Sounds familiar, no?

But the problem is that in order to start to talk, the people must have some common system of coordinates. Before starting to discuss the proof of a theorem, the people should first recognize the common axioms. To be able to talk, the people must use the same names for the same things.

Muslims and non-Muslims can use the same words –but what they mean will be absolutely different.

The name of Dr Tawfik Hamid is well known both in the West and in Islamic countries. In the West he is called a reformer. In Islamic countries he is called a traitor.

But call him whatever you wish-the guy who was a former member of al Gama’a al Islamiyya and personally knew Ayman al Zawahiri is the kind of a person whose opinion on Muslims´ mentality can not be taken lightly. Let’s see, what he has to say.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid says the Islamic world did not condemn bin Laden for masterminding 9/11.

“Not one single fatwah (religious ruling) was issued against bin Laden. I have never heard of one. Have you? Yet 24 hours after the publication of Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses, there was a fatwah to kill Rushdie.”

In the wake of 9/11, many Muslims expressed their sorrow on American TV.

Some were genuine, Dr. Hamid says.

However, the majority were sending their approval to the terrorists via the media by not mentioning bin Laden’s name.
His narrowing brow warns me I’m not going to like what I hear.

“Listen closely. Let’s imagine that I, Dr. Tawfik Hamid, commit a terrorist act. The media invites another Muslim to appear on TV and talk about what I did. This person says, ‘Islam is against terrorism. Islam is against violence.’ But he does not say my name. I get the message. By not mentioning my name, he is telling me to do it again. It’s like a hidden language in our culture. I know I am being given the justification to act.”

Terrorism in Muslims eyes is, for example, when Israeli soldiers kill Hamas members. But when Hamas bandits DELIBERATELY kill Israeli women and children – it’s “the just struggle for liberating Palestine”.

Both Muslims and non-Muslims say that killing civilians is inadmissible. But WHO they mean by “civilians” is very different. I shall not repeat the main postulates (those who wish can easily find them at but just to make clear the difference in how Muslims and non-Muslims understand the concept of “a civilian”, it would be enough to say that for millions of Muslims, for example, ANY author of this site, starting with Ali Sina, is NOT “a civilian” and killing him would be quite legitimate(as was quite legitimate the murder of Van Gough).Moreover, it would be a deed worthy of high praise.

And of course, the famous “Islam is the religion of Peace”. This tune has been repeated so many times that it starts to sound like some kind of a mantra. And what is curious: Islam indeed means “peace”. Only for us and for Muslims the concept of “peace” is, again, quite quite different. We understand Peace as No War, when the people live safely in their homes, confessing any religion they wish-or not confessing any.

And Muslims? I hope no one will try to cast a doubt on the authority of the prophet Muhammad in the questions of interpretation of Islam?

Ishaq: 327: “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”

8:67 It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. Ye desire the lure of this world and Allah desireth (for you) the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise.

For Muslims,” Peace” means all the world living in accordance with the laws of Allah. And the only way to achieve this “idyllic” world is by slaughtering all who try to resist Allah-and His Messenger.

And what is meant by “resisting Allah and His Messenger”? Oh, here the variety of possible answers is simply endless. For example, any government official of a country which is in a conflict with any Muslim country-OR A RELIGIOUS GROUP- is a legitimate target. And if this government official is, for example, a social worker and his work is to give social aid to Muslims living in a non-Muslim country?

It does not matter; he is a legitimate target all the same.
What it means in practice? It means that the Hamas “fighters” shoot on the car with the social worker Tali Hatual, 34, of Moshav Katif, who was eight months pregnant. Together with her were also murdered her daughters, Hila (11), Hadar (9), Roni (7) and Meirav (2).Maybe the “heroic Islamic fighters” did not see the children in the car? No, they saw them perfectly well. And they did not forget to make the control shots in the heads of the girls, including 2-years-old Meirav.


Moreover, Hamas proudly assumed responsibility for the murder.

What did Rushdie do? He wrote “The Satanic Verses”. Does he resist Allah and His Messenger? Without any doubt. What is the punishment for this crime?


And who cares that Rushdie is a civilian who never held a gun in his life? He is an enemy of Islam – and as such he is an absolutely legitimate target.

What did the Danish cartoonists do? They drew the cartoon which impeded the spread of Islam in Denmark. Of course, it’s the resistance to Allah and His Messenger. What should be done to those who resist?

You know the answer.

The language is the part of the mentality.

And you think that you can DIALOG with the people of such mentality?

But in spite of all the evident facts, our political leaders, our “Fathers of the nation” go on brainwashing us that “Islam is the religion of peace hijacked by a small group of extremists whom the majority of Muslims unanimously condemn” and go on calling us to follow the road of “multiculturalism”. And what is even more astounding: there are still people ready to listen to them and follow this road!

Either our leaders are a bunch of ignorant hypocrites or we are a bunch of fools -or vice versa.

What would mean in practice the islamization of a European country?

The Islamic civilization is more primitive than the European one. When a civilization makes OVERKILL and is substituted by a more primitive one – it’s always accompanied by bloodshed. A terrible bloodshed. And NEVER-NEVER! In all the history of Mankind it was different.

Education? Free sex? Equal rights for women and non-Muslims? General election rights? Freedom of Speech?

Christian dogs, what a crap you have in your heads!


And the corruption is in the blood of Islamic world. Any problem is settled with the bribe. And any “improperly dressed” women can be beaten and humiliated right in the street-with the total approval of the bystanders. Any official is full of contempt. The pubic offices open and close when the “Chief” wants it.

And if we cast a glance at the state of economy of all the Arab Muslim countries, our future should not cause us any doubts; we shall all live in the cess-pit.

An Arab Muslim can be a very good worker- when the industrial process is organized and run not by him. But go to any Arab country, look around-and understand clearly that THIS mentality, THIS tradition to live THIS way – is exported to YOUR country, together with the inevitable consequences that YOUR country will soon look like the Arab one. Because MY country is Me, My labour, My mentality.

And what do we do to avoid this islamization?

WE WANT TO CHANGE THE SITUATION WITHOUT CHANGING IT, so that anyone could come to us and live in our countries by his laws. And that the judicial procedures were with the lawyer and without any trace of a torture. And without the death penalty (“human life is sacred”, how not!).And that we did not have to take hostages (it’s “uncivilized”, it’s what “they” do).That our medicine, education, social aid were for “them” even more than for us. That they could procreate like rats on our welfares, pushing us out of our own countries, depriving our children of future, behaving with us arrogantly and demanding every day more …But only that they should not kill us.

“Fulfil all the demands of the terrorists. By doing this, you will increase your chances to stay alive”.

“The land of the free will cease to be when it’s no longer the home of the brave.”– Rick Gaber


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