Identifying Jihadis in America

By: Martel Sobieskey

Martel Sobieskey has 36 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare. He is greatly alarmed that American politicians, military commanders, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, security and police personnel have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam — moderates included.

The “specter” of a nuclear blood bath hangs over America, caused by a jihadist frenzy “foaming at the mouth” for our destruction. In order to “flush out” these nuclear maniacs, registration of the entire Muslim community in America is absolutely essential. The jihadist nuke-America agenda is not an idle threat, particularly since they have already acquired the weapons (see chapter 6 “Ignoring the Booming Nuclear Black Market” of Dr. Paul Williams’s book, The Dunces of Doomsday). Furthermore, experts agree that several thousand jihadists are living comfortably within the Muslim community, a combination of foreign jihadists and “home grown” jihadists. The “home grown” varieties are militant Muslims born and raised in the United States. (See Steven Emerson’s book, Jihad Incorporated)

The incendiary mix of foreign jihadists, “home grown” jihadists, and nuclear weapons is an “ominous fuse ready to be lit” clearly warning that 500,000 Americans can be vaporized in an instant! This is no paranoid exaggeration, but a clear and present danger. F.B.I. Director, Robert Mueller, informed Ronald Kessler of News Max on May 15, 2007:

“. . . al-qaida’s paramount goal is clear: to detonate a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans…We are going to be hit at some point … it’s just a question of when and to what extent.”

Failure to Protect Ourselves

The F.B.I. boss nearly guarantees we will suffer a jihadist nuclear attack yet America remains paralyzed with self complacency and disbelief. Have we become a nation of sheep ready for the slaughter? The answer is yes; proven by our failure to enact the safeguards designed to protect us. What must be done? We need to immediately implement the 1940 Alien Registration Act (Smith Act) , and the 1798 Alien Enemies Act thereby registering all Muslims living in the USA and placing them under intense scrutiny. This is no time to be polite, servile, or politically cowardly. We need to get the job done. According to Dr. Graham T. Allison of Harvard University: 500,000 killed would be the number of instant victims if a small (10 kiloton) nuke were set off in New York’s time square on a typical day. Dr. Allison gives the carnage a greater than 50% chance of happening.

Dr. Allison’s website at is crucially informative and brings home the harsh realities by providing a nuclear blast map which can be applied to your own city. His book, Nuclear Terrorism, reveals that nuclear terrorism is inevitable if we continue on our present course, which in my opinion, is “floating” like a sitting duck waiting to get blown out of the water. Why not break the impasse and protect ourselves. Registering Muslims will “throw a monkey wrench” into the jihadist plan greatly reducing the probability of an attack. Please think deeply do you want to stop a nuclear attack or not?

The Precedent for Registration

In times of emergency all nations must monitor and register large groups of people, if they wish to survive. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Americans have lost their survival instinct, taking for granted their privileged lives which they mistakenly believe are “cost” free. They couldn’t be more wrong. Each American is obligated to share the “cost” of protecting our nation. Already, more than 4,000 soldiers have been killed, and a few million others are serving in the military, police and security community.

Compared to these heroes, registration is a minor inconvenience and miniscule price to pay. Shamefully, many Americans have become selfishly spoiled and hubristic that they flatly refuse to suffer even the slightest inconvenience when asked to protect their nation. You will find these loathsome fools screaming “bloody murder” at the slightest hint of security measures such as registration of Muslims or the Patriot Act. No loyal American or reasonable person will behave so deplorably; such blatant irresponsibility emboldens the jihadist nuke-America obsession. Registration proved very effective during WWII and is infinitely more necessary today.

Prior to World War II, a total of 4,741,971 aliens were registered in a period of 4 months, in order to uncover the enemies hiding within. President Roosevelt was prudent enough to make a “hot pursuit” of potential saboteurs. As a result, he successfully prevented internal attacks upon our homeland for the duration of WWII. Today, it is imperative we follow Roosevelt’s example and register every Muslim 14 years or older. Each must be required to submit their photo, finger prints, address, date and place of birth, physical description, occupation, employment history, arrest record, names of relatives in the USA and abroad, memberships in clubs, organizations, societies, and other pertinent data. The harshest penalties, for those who fail to register or lie, such as prison or deportation must necessarily apply.

Michelle Malkin’s book, In Defense of Internment, provides a definitive report completely debunking the erroneous views of those opposing registration. Obviously, in times of great emergency, such as the present nuclear threat, national security takes precedence over the civil liberties of peacetime. Once again, ask yourself do you want to stop a nuclear attack on our homeland or not? Obviously, we must be proactive in preventing it.

The Alien Enemies Act of 1798 requires that when any predatory incursion is attempted or threatened against the United States the President can make a public proclamation in order to single out and “round up the group” within which the enemies are hiding. This is exactly the course which needs to be pursued with the Muslim community today. It is a fact that the jihadists are hiding within our homeland and we must do whatever it takes to stop to them. It is well past time to “take off the gloves” and get down to the business of protecting ourselves. The noble adage — the price of freedom is eternal vigilance — has never been more relevant.

Weak Minded

Nearly 50% of Americans are so weak minded that the jihadist hate-America lobby believes that by simply calling us names like Islamo-phobe we will “shrink up” and let down our guard — enabling them to nuke us. So far they are 100% correct; nearly the entire Democratic Party refuses to defend our national security and remains adamantly in-denial about the jihadist nuclear threat to our homeland. They are definitely suffering from the same mental disorder that afflicted Neville Chamberlain when he believed “romancing” and appeasing Adolph Hitler would bring peace to the world.

But the facts cry out over loudly, never has there been a more urgent need to single out a group of people. Registration will serve as a much needed litmus test sorting out the elusive moderate Muslims from the militants. Certainly, any one who protests registration is not a moderate Muslim but an enemy to the United States national security. If you believe such opinion to be impolite than most likely you have failed to “face the fact” that this is the age of jihadist nuclear terrorism. Please think deeply: The jihadists possess an extremely entrenched homicidal mania and religious fervor to nuke us and their plan is well under way. This point cannot be over emphasized.

A Million Times More Dangerous

One of the world’s richest men, insurance magnate, William Buffet believes a nuclear terrorist attack on American soil is going to occur. At an annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway he stated, “We’re going to have something of a major nuclear event in this country . . . It will happen – whether it will happen in 10 years or 10 minutes, or 50 years…it’s virtually a certainty.” See (

Today the threat of a jihadist nuclear attack on American soil is a million times more dangerous than the threat by conventional weapons during WWII. But things get even worse, the jihadists plan is to nuke 7 American cities simultaneously and kill 4 million Americans, a sinister goal well documented by Dr. Paul Williams. They will do just that if we fail to prevent it.

What is wrong with us? We registered 5 million people prior to WWII and now facing a nuclear holocaust we have become paralyzed and remain inert. Have we become our own worst enemy? The answer is yes.

Let’s compare the gravity of the situation. Today less than dozen nuclear jihadists can vaporize 500,000 Americans in an instant. On the other hand, during WWII 350,000 Americans were killed during a 4 year period, and it took several million enemy soldiers armed with enormous amounts of weapons to do so. Without doubt the risk we now face is astounding, beyond belief and makes WWII seem infinitesimal.

Consequently, we can no longer afford to give a “religious pass” to the Muslim community because the majority of them are not nuclear jihadist. To the contrary, the severity of the nuclear threat is so far off the charts, that we are forced to subject all Muslims to the utmost scrutiny in order to weed out the bad apples hiding amongst them. There is no other choice.


Anyone who disagrees with registration of the Muslims in America is a suicidal fool if not an outright enemy to American national security. Such chastisement is well justified because the consequences of failing to act are apocalyptic. “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch” especially when it’s a nuclear apple. We must take out all the stops in order to thwart the jihadist dream of massacring us on our own soil.

So enormous is the jihadist nuke-America threat that the Department of Homeland Security developed a special department called the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) on April 15, 2005. Well done indeed! One of their strategic objectives is to establish situational awareness through information sharing and analysis. The registration of Muslims will greatly enhance and facilitate this objective proving to be the key ingredient for success. On the other hand, continuing the status quo of non-registration will neutralize, if not forecast a failure (which means we get nuked).

Registering Muslims is obligatory for preventing a jihadist nuclear blast on American soil as well as the other types of WMD’s. It is the epitome of negligence not to implement all methods of prevention. Remember 9/11 anyone? Let not history repeat itself by making a commission — after the debacle — in order to decide what should have been done to prevent it. Let’s do the right thing now!


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